Category: Book Design

  • How A Book Cover Happens: Better at Weddings Than You

    Fun fact: for years, I had always wanted to use this concept for a book cover. What I had in mind was a single figure of a woman with her back to the camera. Everything was in black and white, except for the woman’s red dress.

  • VIDEO: Cropping Tutorial (Photoshop)

    So, like so many of us, I’ve been stressed out by recent events. My productivity has gone down so much it’s not even funny. So I decided to do something new instead of just staring at the laptop screen for hours.

  • A Japanese bookshop in Hong Kong

    On a recent trip to Hong Kong, my traveling companions and I found a lovely shop Japanese bookshop. As a moderate consumer of Japanese TV shows, Japanese movies and the occasional j-rock band, I felt duty-bound to check it out.

  • Book Design: Playing Autumn by Mina V. Esguerra

    I’ve actually done a cover for this story before. It was for the original, novella-length version of Playing Autumn, which was included in a limited-run romance anthology, and published as a limited-run print edition. The new version is a novel, and the romance is a bit steamier. So Mina asked me to do a “spicier”…