Workshops and Seminars


Workshop:Book Design

I hold workshops on book design (inside pages layout, cover design) for indie authors. You can sign up for one here. My co-facilitator and I give group rates for companies who publish their own books/manuals/brochures and want their in-house team to learn good print and digital publication design and publishing practices. Sign up using the handy form below.

Seminar: Social Media for the Technologically Challenged or Those Just Unable To Figure Out The Twitters

My talks are usually for indie authors, but anyone who has a business they want to talk about online without being boring or creepy can learn from this. This is ideal for companies who want to manage their own social media presence. Sign up below, I give group rates.[/two_columns_one_last]


Workshop: WordPress for Beginners

I love WordPress. It’s a fantastic CMS (content management system) that works great for personal and business websites and blogs. For one, it’s open source. That means it’s free to use, which will save your business a lot of money. Two, it’s easy to use. No seriously, it is. That’s why so many websites run on WordPress. Three, it has built-in SEO — that means your website will be pretty much optimized for Google searches even if you have no idea what the hell SEO means. Four, there are tons of great WordPress themes (website design packages) out there that are functional and gorgeous. And a lot of them are free! So basically what I’m saying is that your business website should run on WordPress and you should hire me to train your in-house web team (or web person) to be awesome at using it. Of course, they can totally learn on their by reading the comprehensive documentation available for free online. But they won’t be awesome. Your choice.[/two_columns_one]